You can have your own online clinic in 3 steps!

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Anyone with a NHS email address is welcome to register and use the platform for free.

Verify your email address

We will send you a link, all you need to do is to click on the link to verify your email address.

Send out a link (Email or Mobile Number)

After you login, you be able to send a link to anyone and as soon as they click on the link, we establish the secure video bridge, its really that simple!

"Real Intelligence – not Artificial" is brought to you by the team who created GoodSAM - the revolutionary platform that is used by emergency services around the world to optimise pre-hospital and urgent care. is built on the same 4 founding principles:
- Governance
- Security
- Innovation
- Collaboration

We want to work with you, and we are sure you'll love working with us to enable you to deliver best patient care. is developed by clinicians who really understand care together with computing geniuses to deliver the world's most advanced technology.

So, while other tech companies are out there to replace doctors with "artificial intelligence", we are here to enable you to use your real intelligence (and that includes emotional intelligence, or what is more commonly called - compassion) to provide CONTINUITY of care to your patients where ever you or they may be. brings free Telemedicine to every NHS Clinician

Like you, we get what patients want… We are currently in a world where health care is changing to health service. We can tick a box and say we have provided the required "service", but we all know that what the patient wanted was the same person to stay with them during their illness.

The real elements of "care" don't feature on an excel accountancy spread sheet. When Molly comes to you with abdominal pain, you know that this is the stress of her home life coming back and she doesn't need medication, but someone to talk it through with; And we understand that this is the real intelligence that good clinicians bring.

So! Whilst other's think clinicians can be replaced with an algorithm, we are here to ensure your patients don't throw "care" into the wind and register with some random clinician but stay with you and get the care they want. really is your clinic – it's free and it's here to enable you to offer a fully encrypted, secure, highly governed and ethical telemedicine service. We are so looking forward to working with you. Please sign up and have a play.

Governance and Security

Governance and Security are the top two core features of everything we do. Currently is restricted to clinicians who have an NHS email address or have a verifiable CQC approved clinical practice (please do get in touch if you don't have an email). All data transmission through is via DTLS and TLS and all the data stored is AES 256 bit encrypted exceeding standards required by NHS and HIPAA.

Our tech stack:

- Is scalable as we are using stateless servers.
- Has Self-healing capabilities with distributed notification system.
- Has Redundancies on all services with 100% uptime.
- Has Multi AZ database with read replicas.
- Has patented technology which powers the Pro vital sign features.

Very limited data is stored regarding consultants and it is all AES 256 Encrypted, GDPR compliant and registered with ICO.

No Video Data is stored on the callers mobile phone, on a server or anywhere. We have options to store video if organisations / individuals want this (fully encrypted, GDPR compliant) but nothing is routinely stored.

No Patient Data is Stored because this is a purely telemedicine platform, the only variable entered to create the conversation is the caller’s mobile number. This is stored using 256 AES encrypted technology, is ICO compliant and GDPR compliant.

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